Primavera Job Opportunities – Project / Planning Engineer / Project Manager

Primavera Job Opportunities:

Primavera P6 is a leading project management tool by Oracle systems. Learning Primavera P6 project management helps an individual to find more primavera job opportunities and get himself placed in many industrial sectors such as Oil and Gas industries, Engineering & Construction, Production, manufacturing, Logistics and Supply chain Industries, Information Technologies, Finance sectors and many. People with engineering background such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and control, Information Technology, Chemical are likely to get a job with primavera p6 skill.

According to a survey conducted recently, 425 of 500 top engineering firms in the USA and Canada use Primavera P6. In addition to the above, thousands of companies in Europe, Australia, Asia, mostly in Gulf use Primavera P6 software. There are lots of primavera jobs available which requiring the people to have Primavera P6 project management skills. There are even certain jobs that require no engineering qualification but just Primavera skills. These jobs will pay you very good and helps to improve and widen your career. After getting trained in Primavera P6, one can get a job of a project scheduler, planner, planning engineer, project manager, project coordinator and many primavera job openings.

Job Description for primavera:

Most of the people will seek an answer for “What project planner will normally do in projects?” “What are the responsibilities of planning engineer?”. Here is the list of expectations (responsibilities) of planners in most of the industries.

  • To understand project scope, quantity and familiar with logical sequences in execution of projects in engineering, manufacturing and construction disciplines.
  • To establish WBS structure, and work with project management team in the development of work breakdown structure for measuring project progress, scheduling, cost estimating and controlling the project activities.
  • Prepare and control overall project schedule integrating work breakdown structure using primavera p6.
  • Understanding contract agreement, earned value analysis, scope management and project change control.
  • Coordinate project schedule from contractors and integrate the information gathered into the overall master schedule.
  • To prepare cost estimation, budget and bar chart plan considering all inputs (manpower, tools & equipments and materials) availability, production and construction sequences.
  • To Develop and update resource histogram weekly or monthly as they required.
  • Evaluating the allocation of resources to project and provide recommendations in need to maintain planned progress.
  • Have to Track, monitor and forecast progress of all project activities and deliverables such as products, documents, status and construction of all discipline.
  • Analyze the difference between the planned and actual progress and highlight the areas which required action to minimise the difference.


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